The Wedding Shredding Program - The Ultimate Beach Body Sculpting & Bikini Body Shaping Program

  • Just Want To Get Your Abs Back and Look Jacked Guys?
  • Looking to Build That Booty and Firm Bikini Body Ladies?
  • Male Specific Program To Build Broad Shoulders, Jacked Arms and Ripped Six Pack Abs - Suns Out Guns Out Baby!
  • Female Specific Program To Build That Firm Bikini Booty, Tight, Defined Legs and a Flat Tummy - Beach Babe... This Way!

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Allen T - Georgia, USA

Amanda P - Guelph, CA

Tyler J - Waterloo, CA

Pierce S - Waterloo, CA

Corey M - Toronto, CA

Wolf K - Guelph, CA

Jamie M - Guelph, CA

Britt H - Cambridge, CA

Before we started working together, I was a little hesitant on spending the money. I know that health is a number one priority for me, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pay for this program and save up my money for other things in the year. But the cost turned out to be very reasonable and I made it happen!

My Top 2 goals when I started training were:
1. 6pack abs at 160lbs lean and cut
2. Healthy, vital, and a strong physical body

So far with training my strength has ridiculously improved, and I have higher stamina and endurance than ever before! I am more knowledgable about exercise and nutrition and made major improvements in my physique, it looks amazing!

Exercise is now a lifestyle for me and I am seeing results in my body every week!

Tyler is awesome!

Nick M, Florida, USA

I had hoped I could keep up with this and not fall off track again. Tyler has definitely helped me do that. I also wasn’t sure how well I would do in a gym setting as I had never gone to one before by myself.

All of the positive feedback and support has been huge with keeping me on track. And the training plan has kept me focused especially with the help of the videos. I feel more confident at the gym and not lost.

My Top 2 goals when I started training were:
1. Lose weight/Gain muscle
2. Eat better

So far with training I have lost approximately 8lbs, am seeing a visible transformation in my body shape and have a lot more endurance which has been hugely noticeable playing hockey. I also have a better understanding of healthy eating now and gained confidence in my ability to start something and stick to it.

Overall this has been an amazing experience and I would recommend Tyler as a trainer and this program to anyone who asks.

Kevin A, Baden, CA

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privacy We value your privacy and will never share your information.