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Because “Flexible Dieting” has a common popular saying and acronym associated with it (IIFYM = If It Fits Your Macros), it’s easy to understand how flexible dieting can provide more freedom in your nutrition choices.


Now I am not endorsing the mindless “IIFYM” mentality of fitting in 12 pop tarts and a large pizza to your diet every day because “it fits my macros bruh”. I firmly believe that even when following flexible dieting, you should still get 80% of your intake from nutrient dense healthy food choices.


Nutrient dense foods are those higher in micronutrients and fibre to ensure you are getting plenty of fibre and micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals), some examples would be greens, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, seeds, etc. However with the remaining 20%, it is perfectly fine to work in some treats and favourite snack foods. 


With flexible dieting, you have the freedom to still go out and enjoy life with friends and be social. You are not chained to your tuna & asparagus off in the corner at a friends BBQ.
With “Clean Eating” you have practically no freedom to eat out stray from your “rules” or “plan”.


Generally you have a set list of foods worked into your nutrition plan, and that’s that. Have fun…


#IIFYMFTW (If It Fits Your Macros For The Win!)


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– Tyler Johnston

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