Welcome to Part One of the Top 7 Benefites of “IIFYM” (Flexible Dieting) vs. “Clean Eating” blog series!


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As the name indicates, with “Flexible Dieting” the nutrition plan or diet is focused around macronutrients rather than a restrictive list of foods which provides greater flexibility.


In general as long as the daily total macro amounts are hit throughout the day, the timing and portioning of the macros has little overall impact on results long term. This provides individuals far greater flexibility in the foods they consume so they can cater their diets much more easily to their preferences. 


This also gives individuals far greater flexibility in the portion size and timing of their meal intake. Some individuals find they feel better and are happier consuming 3 larger meals per day, while others feel better having 6-7 smaller meals throughout the day. 
With flexible dieting, individuals can fit their diets to their lifestyle and preferences fairly easily.


Now, let’s compare this to “Clean Eating” which generally has a short, restrictive list of “clean foods” or “allowed foods” and all others are strictly off limits… (except on cheat days, then anything is fair game! Yeah… I’ll touch on that one later). 


Next, with clean eating, the meal plans are traditionally arranged with strict portion sizing and specific times for each meal (i.e. 6:00am – wake up, have spinach & kale shake, 8:15am – 2 egg whites with 1/2 avocado & leafy greens, 11:00am -…, etc.). Needless to say, many individuals find conflict with trying to mesh their nutrition and lifestyle schedules.


With this restrictive and rigid approach, it becomes much more difficult to work your nutrition plan into your lifestyle; generally you end up having to work your lifestyle in to your nutrition plan. Clearly not the most ideal option.




#IIFYMFTW (If It Fits Your Macros For The Win!)


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– Tyler Johnston

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