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“Flexible Dieting” as we have already discussed allows for greater flexibility, freedom, variety, and understanding of foods and their impacts. Also mentioned, was how these benefits allow for more ease in working the nutrition plan into an individuals specific lifestyle demands and preferences.


“Flexible Dieters” are free to carry on their everyday lives, can still be social and enjoy themselves in the occasional indulgence. Generally this allows them to maintain their sanity and find sticking to their nutrition plan much more easily and conveniently than “clean eating” allows for.


With greater ability to adhere to their nutrition plan long-term “flexible dieters” are far more likely to enjoy the process of becoming more fit and healthy rather than feel deprived or loathing. With the increased adherence to a “Flexible Dieting” nutrition plan, individuals tend to see far greater and longer lasting results with their health and fitness than those who attempt “clean eating” and are unable to maintain those eating habits for long periods of time.


With “Clean Eating” having so many rules and restrictions, many individuals find themselves feeling more and more deprived the longer they follow the nutrition plan. This becomes mentally and psychologically taxing and testing of the individuals willpower, having to constantly refrain from enjoying their favourite “bad foods”.


Without being able to adhere to the “clean eating” plan, many individuals find themselves rebounding when they fall off-track and reverting right back to where they were when they began the diet or worse off.


The diet or nutrition plan that creates the greatest results or is the most effective is most often the one that an individual can adhere to longer or adapt into their continued lifestyle.




#IIFYMFTW (If It Fits Your Macros For The Win!)


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