Envy and Awe

Nothing stands out more and shows that true Alpha status than the dude with the huge arms and mountainous biceps patrolling the beach. Strong, powerful, massive biceps are like a beacon; they pull women in like a tractor beam and create self-consciousness and envy in every scrawny armed bro around. So if you’re going to engineer your alpha physique… the guns are a must!



The Biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle on the upper arm consisting of both the inner “short-head” and outer “long head”. Although most people know the biceps as being responsible for flexion at the elbow, the biceps also supinate the forearm (rotate palm upwards). Because of these two functions it is important to include exercises which stimulate both of these functions to fully work the biceps.


How the Hell Do I Build Them?

A great overall mass building exercise for the biceps is barbell curls. Barbell curls are a compound exercise which allow for heavy weights to stimulate the flexion of the elbow. However to ensure your biceps are fully worked be sure to include an exercise in which the wrist rotates such as the dumbbell curl. The dumbbell curl is an isolation exercise; begin with arms hanging to your sides, palms facing inwards and rotate the palms to the ceiling as you curl the dumbbell towards the upper arm. Including both barbell curls and dumbbell curls will ensure you work both functions of the biceps and fully stimulate the muscles.



A further tip coming from The Austrian Oak himself; Arnold always stressed performing curls without flexing your wrist inwards at the top as this shifts some of the emphasis from the biceps to the forearms. Try to keep your wrist straight when curling or even letting your wrist flare outwards from your upper arm slightly to shift all the focus strictly to the biceps. You should feel a much more intense contraction of the biceps with this technique. The result – Bigger, Better BICEPS!


Signing Off…

That’s all for now! I hope this has inspired you to to want to build some bigger guns and given you some insight on how to turn those toothpicks into mountains!

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– Tyler Johnston