Legendary Lats

When you think of a great physique like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, or even Phil Heath, there’s one thing that really stands out. The Manta-ray looking back or V-taper of their upper body from massive lats.

So how can you build some legendary lats of your own and get that awesome V-Shape?

Try adding the following to your back routine to really bring out the width and thickness of your lats!


Building Wings:

The sweep and width of the lats is accentuated by doing exercises that pull the lats out to the side as far as possible. Wide-Grip pull-ups and Wide-Grip pulldowns are the best exercises for achieving this.

However, the sweep of the lats is less effective if the lats do not extend all the way down to the waistline. So be sure to add in exercises to help you train the lower lats; Close-grip Chinups, Close-grip pulldowns and one arm cable rows are best for working the lower lats.

So there you have it; exercises you NEED to include in your routines to build some legendary lats!


Signing Off…

That’s everything folks! Time to build those wings and fly to that dream Alpha Physique!

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– Tyler Johnston