Stronger Curls For Bigger Biceps (One Easy Trick)

One of the best ways to build those sleeve splitting biceps is with heavy barbell curls. However if you’re like most guys, you could be curling completely wrong, not only making them less effective for growing your bis, but also setting you up for injury.

If you want to know how to get stronger curls for bigger biceps, you need to learn this one easy trick I share in this article…

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How Do You Curl?

Think about the last time you repped out some hard, heavy barbell curls. When you were gritting your teeth and squeezing those peaks to lift that weight, were you thinking about your wrists?

Seems like an odd question right? Logic would say “If I’m training biceps, why would I pay attention to my wrists; I’m focusing on pumping up the guns!” and that logic is what has set you up for failure.

You see when most guys curl, they end up flexing their wrist and forearm at the same time, using everything they can to muster the weight up.

Two Issues

This creates 2 major issues:

1) Wrist Stress

Your wrists are not built or designed to lift heavy loads in this flexed position; the added stress and load placed directly on the wrist can quickly lead to pain and/or injury in the wrists and forearms.

2) Biceps Tension

By flexing your wrist, you are directly removing tension from the biceps and shifting it onto the wrists and forearms instead. I don’t know about you, but last I checked, when you’re wanting to train a muscle, you want to achieve maximum tension on it to stimulate the greatest about of muscle fiber recruitment and ultimately growth.

Not only are you setting yourself up for some wrist issues down the road, you’re wasting valuable muscle building time and effort. It’s already hard as hell to build impressive sleeve splitting biceps, so don’t make it harder on yourself with ineffective workouts.

Do This Instead

Instead, what you should focus on next time you perform biceps curls, is maintaining a neutral wrist position, or slightly extending whenever you curl.

This will keep the most tension possible on your biceps and remove the stress from your wrists and forearms.

Bottom Line For Bigger Biceps

Always focus on keeping the most tension possible on the specific muscle you want to train.

Avoid recruiting other muscles to help move the weight easier. Next time you perform biceps curls, maintain a neutral or slightly extended wrist position and focus on squeezing the weight up with only the biceps.

Try it out on your next gun run, and you’ll immediately feel a stronger, sharper contraction in the biceps and be well on your way to busting sleeves with those pumped up peaks!

– Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach”

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