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Start With Low, End On High | Shredded Summer Ep 29 – Natural Classic Physique Prep

Updating you guys on what’s been going on, where I’ve been.

Being 100% real with you guys, letting you know what’s up, talking about the lows gone through the past week.

Ending on a high, super excited to be back at the Vlogs, Motivation, Anticipation and Excitement higher than ever!

Super pumped about something BIG coming to the YouTube Channel and The APE Blog starting this Sunday and going all Summer!

Cannot wait!

NEW Cardio:
2 HIIT x5 Intervals (15sec sprint/45sec recovery)
3 MISS 325 Cals Each

6.5 Weeks out from 2016 GNC Allmax Barrie Natural Championships July 23, 2016

8.5 Weeks out from 2016 GNC Allmax Ontario Natural Championships in London Aug 06, 2016

NEW Macros:
Training Days – 225g Protein, 220g Carbs, 45g Fat
Non-Training Days – 225g Protein, 220g Carbs, 45g Fat
Refeed Days – 200g Protein, 385g Carbs, 40g Fat

If you want to learn more about the Flexible Dieting approach I use to stay lean year-round and to get shredded and ready for shows… you can check out my best selling book that walks you through a complete step-by-step guide on how to set up your macros and your dieting plan for yourself with the IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide

Learn how you can get the body of your dreams still eating the foods you love! :)


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