Phase Two Complete Stats

My first workout for Phase 3 was May 22, 2105.

Weight 204.4
BF% 26.3%
BMI 30.2
Total Workouts 15
Workouts per Week 1.875

5 things from Phase 2!

1     This phase I saw my weight drop down a little bit but the most noticeable changes have been in my body composition. It’s been great taking pics every week and looking back on those pictures and seeing the actual transformation. One thing I’ve learned tho – I need a tripod for my phone!

2     Time Management – Now that Spring/Summer is here I have really noticed the available time I have per day/week has been shrinking. Between working 2 jobs (I work seasonally at a golf course), house projects, outdoor projects and family time you can really see that it has taken me a bit to get used to a new schedule. My per week workouts have dropped to just under 2 which really is just hurting my goals. When starting this I decided that 3 workouts/week would be a manageable number and would allow me to not get burnt out. My goal for Phase 3 will be to get back to this number!

3     Consistency – along the same lines as time management but over the past 8 weeks I really realized that I need to get more consistent. I have been trying to set a schedule and keep to it but as the weeks go on it seems more and more difficult. I know these workouts don’t take long and in the long run the benefits greatly outweigh any complaints I would have – I just need to keep reminding myself that.

4     Motivation – Take it from where ever you can get it! My most recent motivating factor has come from one of those household projects I have been doing – which was setting up the trampoline we got my daughter for her birthday. The first night we got it setup both of my daughters wanted me to jump on it with them. Problem was that the weight restriction was over the ‘limit’ with my two daughters and myself on it at the same time. We’re not over by much so I am now motivated to lose the weight so I can comfortably jump on the trampoline with my girls!

5     Gym Confidential – The Peacock – This is a segment I am thinking of starting as a blog entry on it’s own but right now I need more stories – so here’s one to start. I’ve been at the gym a few times and have noticed this guy who truly is hard to miss. The first time I noticed him I was at the dumbbells and he was benching. I finished my set and look up into the mirror and see this guy, shoulders back, chest puffed and strutting around the gym. Picture Mick Jagger’s “peacock strut” in your mind. Intrigued, I watched him for a minute do a complete lap around the gym and then go back to his machine. He then does a quick set of 8, stands up and takes another lap. I watched him do this 3 more times before he was done on the machine and went onto something else. Now, I know some people may think this was OK – the guy was just cooling off after a set, what’s wrong with that. ‘Nothing’ I would say, if that was all he was doing. It wasn’t just that he was walking off a set, he was walking around the entire upper floor of the gym, in between machines and attempting to make eye contact with whomever was paying attention. He is now known to me as ‘The Peacock’.