I know I know – the last (and first) Arnold Project post was an introduction and now we’re already done Phase One?!

8 weeks ago (approximately – we are actually already into Phase 2!) I started this health and fitness journey with the help of Tyler Johnston, the APE Coach, and I haven’t looked back. I didn’t get around to posting a true personal introduction and what I am trying to accomplish here so I wanted to do that now before we get into some results.

Personal Stats – Beginning

Age 28
Height 5’9″
Weight 213.6 lbs
BF% Unknown
BMI 31.5

For comparison, here is the BMI assessment table

Below 18.5
30.0 and Above

So to start with we are working with Obesity. Scary word and honestly not something I ever envisioned being associated with. This was the first thing I wanted to change. Weight has always been somewhat of an issue for me but it really isn’t something I ever really worked on. I play sports year round and generally eat what I want and overtime I saw the weight start creeping up. Slowly but surely it got up there and things had finally gotten to a point where I was generally unhappy.

What I hope to accomplish

At the start of this Tyler and I talked about what I wanted to accomplish, the end game. Over the past few years in my failed attempts in getting healthy I always had a reason for wanting to change – my wedding, my buddies wedding, another buddies wedding etc. In each of these years one thing stood out that I now believe attributed to the failed attempts – the reason. Each year I wanted to get healthy and look good for a particular event – one day out of 365 that I wanted to be my best for and that was it. However when I made these goals I didn’t think about what happens after the event – I didn’t think about the end game. So as I started each year working out and eating better slowly that one day event didn’t hold my attention like I thought it would and I fell back into the same old routines. It wasn’t until this year that I decided there can be no event – if I am truly going to succeed at this it need to be a change, a lifestyle change. That was the end game – changing the habits I had so easily fallen back into in the past and working towards a healthier happier lifestyle no matter how long that took.

So we decided to start small. Ideally reaching a 1lb weight loss per week while steadily increasing muscle and firing up the metabolism. I didn’t want to just lose weight I also wanted to increase my strength and build lean muscle. It will never be my goal to participate in any weightlifting or body competitions I just want to be and feel healthier for both myself and my family.

Phase One Complete Stats

My first workout for Phase 2 was March 25, 2105.

Weight 208.2
BF% 27%
BMI 30.7
Total Workouts 22
Workouts per Week 2.75

For each of my Phase Complete! entries I will be including a section called 5 things. Here I will be writing about 5 specific (sometimes random) things about myself and what happened during the Phase. So here are my 5 things from Phase One!

1  In total over the 8 weeks I dropped 5.4lbs so just under the original plan of 1lb per week. The weight was coming off quicker at the beginning but started tapering off so we changed things up a bit which seemed to help. The more important stat I want to look at after this phase is over however is my BF%. Already in the first 8 weeks it is apparent that my body composition is changing and the actual ‘weight loss’ amount doesn’t tell the whole story.

2  Although it started out very limited I have been enjoying the increased cardio routine Tyler has added to my program. I haven’t quite figured out yet when I enjoy doing this more – either before or after a workout. Before my workout it gets my blood flowing and loosens me up however the only downside is being sweaty when doing a weight routine. After a workout makes more sense but depending on what I am working that day doing cardio for 15-20 mins might be a challenge (especially on leg day).

3  When first starting I was completely confused and probably looked like an idiot when walking around the gym looking for the machine I needed. One thing that I really relied on for not only what exercise I needed to do but also how to correctly do the exercise was youtube videos. There is a TON of info out there so don’t be afraid to use it.

4  One of the biggest things people say to me when I tell them about APE Fitness and what I am doing is “I could never do that – I need motivation.” Personally, over the last 8 weeks that is actually something I haven’t been lacking in and that is all attributed to Tyler. He checks in weekly and goes over all of your weeks info – weights, macros, workouts etc and gives a great analysis of how the week went and how it can improve in the week to come. Each update has been a great source of motivation because unlike a personal trainer who generally thinks of you as a client, Tyler provides the motivation as a friend.

5  Not sure if anyone heard of this story but I found it recently on Reddit – give it a read and see what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say


That’s it for now! Hope everyone enjoyed this update and I look forward to providing more soon!

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