I now HATE you. 

In all truthfulness though when I first started this I couldn’t wait until leg Day. I’ve played hockey since I was 7 so my legs have always been a strong part of my body. I was seeing some of my largest gains on leg day and that felt great. Pushing past my body weight on squats and doing huge numbers on the leg press it was honestly my favorite workout of the week – regardless of how I felt the next day.

And then the pain started.

It was small at first. One day I thought I went a little to hard on the leg press and I felt some slight knee pain. No big deal – take it easy for a week and should be better by next leg workout. Boy was I wrong.

4 weeks later and still zero improvement in the knee pain and it’s getting worse. Today I dropped my squat weight by 50lbs and could only get through 1 set. After talking with Tyler about the pain he suggested I try some landmine squats to help with the pain. After failing on my squats today I could barely even do a single landmine squat with just the bar.

I finished my workout wishing my gym had punching bags or something so I could take out my frustration.

So I’m spending my day now researching squats and trying to figure out how I can do them pain free. I don’t want to give up on this as I know how important the exercise is – and more importantly I don’t want to do any lasting damage to my knees that I will regret later in life. So off to Youtube I go and try to figure this out.