LEG DAY Deload Workout Walkthrough | Wedding Shredding Ep. 12

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In today’s episode, I take you through my Leg Day Deload workout and explain the benefits of a deload, when to take a deload week, why to take a deload week etc…

If you’ve been lifting heavy for a long time and progress has slowed, or you’re feeling overly tired and worn down training, you need to watch this video!…

Tabi and I are heading to Punta Cana for our dream wedding May 18, 2018 and we want you to join us in our 12 week transformation to get beach body ready!

If you’re wanting to get a more fit, lean, and strong body that’s ready for the beach, you need to watch this series…

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Why Shrugs Suck (How To Really Build Big Traps)

We’re super excited for this new series and know it’s going to be a HUGE help and motivation for everyone wanting to get ready for the BIG Day or just get beach body ripped for Summer!

We’ll be covering everything, including proper training, nutrition and supplementation as well as recipes, cooking and additional info to build muscle and burn fat and get the ultimate beach body.

Thanks so much for watching, we’re pumped to have you join us on this journey! Let’s get shredded for the wedding together! :)

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