IIFYM Low-Fat, Protein Packed Christmas Recipes!

What’s going on everyone?!

One of the greatest things about the Holidays is all the delicious treats that fill the air with intoxicating aromas and fill our bellies with joy, while putting us into mild food comas 😉

The only down-side is how quickly those extra calories can add up…

So I decided, Hey, why not make some healthy low-fat, protein packed macro-friendly recipes for all you IIFYMers to enjoy the Holidays guilt free?!

That’s exactly what I did!

Here are 4 of my absolute favourite IIFYM Christmas Recipes!

IIFYM Protein Candy Cane Hot Cocoa / Peppermint Mocha!
- Chocolate Cupcake Whey Smooth Protein Powder (1 Scoop)
- Unsweetened Almond Milk (125mL)
- Cocoa Powder (15g)
- Stevia (2g)
- Mini Candy Cane (1-2)
- Peppermint Extract (1/4 tsp)
- Hot Water (250mL)
- Instant Coffee (1-2tsp) (**Optional: to make a Mocha)
- 95% Fat Free Cool Whip (2 Tbsp)
- Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup (Drizzle)
Add protein powder and almond milk to a shaker cup and shake into a smooth chocolatey creamer. Add cocoa and stevia (plus optional coffee) into a mug, add hot (boiled) water, throw in a mini candy cane and drop of peppermint extract. Pour in the whey smooth protein creamer. Top with Cool Whip and drizzle WF Chocolate Syrup to complete this holiday masterpiece... 30g of protein never tasted so good!
Macros Per Serving (Makes 1 Serving):
Calories - 261
Protein - 30.5g
Carbs - 21g
Fats - 5g


IIFYM Gingerbread Spice Mix:


- Ginger Root (18g)
- Cinnamon (12g)
- Allspice (6g)
- Nutmeg (3g)
- Cloves (3g)
- Stevia (4g)
Mix all spices and stevia together in a bowl or jar. Add to anything and everything to spread some gingerbread cheer!
Macros Per Serving (Makes 8 Servings):
Calories - 6
Protein - 0g
Carbs - 1.5g
Fats - 0g
IIFYM Gingerbread Proatmeal (Protein Oatmeal)
- Vanilla Cupcake Whey Smooth Protein Powder (1/2 Scoop)
- Large Flake Oats (60g)
- Gingerbread Spice Mix (1 serving ~6g)
- Walden Farms Pancake Syrup (15g)


Add oats and gingerbread spice mix into a microwave safe bowl. Add water until just covering oats, and nuke for ~2mins to cook oatmeal. Allow to cool for a minute or two. Add in the protein powder and top with some WF Pancake Syrup; stir it all up and enjoy a big bowl of gingerbread goodness!
Macros Per Serving (Makes 1 Serving):
Calories - 296
Protein - 23.5g
Carbs - 43.5g
Fats - 5g
IIFYM Peanut Butter Snowballs


- Vanilla Cupcake Whey Smooth (1 Scoop)
- PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (24g)
- Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter (30g)
- Icing Sugar (15g)
- Stevia (5g)
- Rice Krispie Cereal (15g)
- 0% Vanilla SKYR Icelandic Yogurt (60g)
- Shredded Coconut Flakes (15g)
Combine all ingredients except coconut flakes in a large mixing bowl. Mix together until well combined and it forms a dough-like texture. Add coconut flakes to a shallow dish or bowl. Form peanut butter mix into small balls (roughly 1 inch) then roll in coconut flakes to coat each snowball. Place in fridge to firm up and enjoy these bite-sized peanut buttery delights!
Macros Per Serving (Makes 12 Servings):
Calories - 54
Protein - 4.5g
Carbs - 5.5g
Fats - 2g
Enjoy these delicious IIFYM Christmas recipes, share with friends and fam to spread some holiday cheer, and let me know what you think in the comments below!!
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