The Official Release of the “IIFYM Flexible Dieting Bodybuilding Guide” is coming! Be the first to Read and Review the book July 26, 2015 on Amazon Kindle!

IIFYM Flexible Dieting Boydbuilding Guide

I can not wait to share the incredibly valuable information in this book. I know it is going to make a HUGE impact in your life and allow you to achieve greater success with your fitness and nutrition than you ever thought possible!


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I am also extremely excited for the amazing impact this book will generate in the local community here in the Waterloo Region.


A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will go to Nutrition for Learning to help ensure the children and youth here in Waterloo Region are able to go to school well nourished!

Nutrition for Learning


“Nutrition for Learning’s mission is to enhance the ability to learn by ensuring that each student attends school well nourished.”


The Startling Facts:

  • 1/10 children arrives at school without enough food to sustain them an entire day.
  • 46% of Food Bank recipients in Waterloo Region are children.
  • 31% of Grade 4 students do not eat breakfast; by high school this ratio increases to 62%.
  • Childhood obesity has tripled since 1981 partially due to eating prepackaged convenience foods, high in salt, fat and sugars.
  • Children born after the year 2000 are expected to be the first generation to not outlive their parents.


Every child deserves the right to have breakfast, to have access to nutritious food to support them throughout the day.


Children don’t get to choose their socioeconomic status when they are born, we are not all equal in our opportunities or resources, and by purchasing this book today, you are helping to give the children and youth in our community the opportunity for a better, healthier life.


Every one of you that purchases this book is helping to contribute to the nourishment of the youth in the local community.


So I would like to say Thank You So Much, from the bottom of my heart!


You are making a difference!


Thank You for Making a Difference!

The GOAL is to raise $2000+ to donate to Nutrition for Learning from book sales in order to be able to fund an entire NEW Nutrition for Learning program in a school in our community!

Please help make this a possibility by purchasing this book, gifting the book to friends and family, and spreading the word of this fantastic book and its impact to as many people as you can!


Please share this with anyone you think might benefit from it, and leave your comments and questions below! 🙂

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– Tyler Johnston