Get Bigger Quads With This Leg Press Fix (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

The leg press is one of the most popular leg training exercises and there is good reason for this. It’s a great compound movement for your legs and due to the seated position and backrest, removes a lot of the stress on your lower back (when done properly) that other compound leg exercises incur.

Most people would think the leg press is pretty straight forward, you bend your legs, lowering the weight as far as you can and then push your legs back up to full extension, and most would be dead wrong!

If you want impressive legs, you want to get bigger quads with this leg press fix and avoid this leg press mistake that I see far too often in the gym…

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The Leg Press Mistake

By far, the biggest training mistake I see people make over and over in the gym is improper range of motion for this exercise. Far too many guys bring the weight down too low and extend the weight all the way up locking out their knees at break-neck speed.

This is a terrible mistake to make. First, you reduce the amount of stimulation and tension on the quads that could be used for growth. Every time you lock out your knees, you remove the tension from the quads and transfer it all to your knee joints.

Second, if you didn’t already guess it… you are drastically increasing your risk of injury for this exercise. Bringing the weight down too low causes your butt to lift off the seat, your butt and hips then begin to round upwards and this places a tremendous amount of stress on your lower back. One of the primary benefits of the leg press is to remove stress from the lower back, so clearly not ideal.

Next, your knee joints are very susceptible to injury. If you have a few hundred pound loaded up on the leg press and you push your legs up with all your force — and in cases of complete buffoonery shove your knees straight into full extension with your hands as well — eventually something’s going to give and your gains will be a thing of the past for quite some time as you have to re-learn how to walk after reconstructive surgery.

So please, stop this nonsense, avoid a trip to the hospital and make some better gains by making this fix.

The Leg Press Fix

What’s the fix for this critical leg press mistake? It’s exactly what you’re probably thinking.

Don’t fully extend your knees to lock out each rep. Stop 1-2 inches short of lockout before lowering the weight back down again.

Also make sure that you’re not lowering the weight so far that your ass is curling up under you to avoid blowing a disc out in your back with an exercise designed specifically to remove stress from the back.

This isn’t an excuse for performing wimpy ¼ reps where you’re barely moving the weight at all, it simply means you should train smarter and focus on keeping the quads under constant tension so they are forced to stay activated throughout the whole set.

That constant tension and stimulation throughout the whole length of the exercise is going to drastically improve your quad growth and strength.


To summarize, the Leg Press is an exceptional compound lower body exercise that, when performed correctly, can help stimulate some awesome quad gains while relieving stress from your back that other common lower body, compound exercises would cause.

To perform this exercise correctly however you need to fix the mistakes in your range of motion. Don’t lower the weight too far that your butt starts curling up off the seat, and don’t allow your knees to fully lock out each rep.

This will improve your stimulation and activation in your quads to allow greater muscle growth while simultaneously reducing the risk of injury significantly with this exercise.

Try it out on your next leg day and I guarantee, you’ll feel the burning difference this simple fix will make and get bigger quads faster than ever before!

– Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach”

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