Ep 10: Men’s Physique Contest Prep Vlog – Road to Pro Show 2015 (5.5 Weeks Out)

Thanks for joining me Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach” OPA / CBBF Natural Men’s Physique Competitor in my journey to the Toronto Pro Show 2015 and follow along my contest prep with some progress updates, training, nutrition, healthy recipes, posing and more in my video series and blog!

5.5 weeks out, really starting to tighten up and dry out!

Last weeks 95% 1RM lifts went really well.

Squat – 405lbs | Bench – 340lbs | Deadlift – 435lbs (New PR already at 95%)

Stay motivated, constantly ask yourself why you’re doing this. What are you working so hard for? Keep that reason in your mind and prove you’re willing to do what others will not to get the results they can’t!


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– Tyler Johnston