Classic Physique Contest Prep Vlog 10 – 14 Weeks Out (New 3RM Deads, Bodyfat Under 7%)

Thanks for joining me Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach” OPA / CBBF Natural Men’s Physique Competitor in my journey to competing in the new Classic Physique Division this contest season and following along my contest prep with progress updates, training footage, day in the life vlogs, nutrition tips, recipes, posing and more in my video series and blog!


Smashed a new 3RM on deads! 450lbs x3


Bodyfat 6.8%, conditioning improving, a little flat, energy a bit lower, but going well!


Feelin great, looking forward to the refeed and updates for next week.


New Macros:
Training Days – 280g carbs, 225g protein, 60g fat
Rest Days – 260g carbs, 225g protein, 65g fat
Refeed Day – 450g carbs, 200g protein, 50g fat


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– Tyler Johnston