Classic Physique Contest Prep Ep 12: 475lb Deadlift, Full Day Meal Prep + Remember The Vision

Thanks for joining me Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach” OPA / CBBF Natural Men’s Physique Competitor in my journey to competing in the new Classic Physique Division this contest season and following along my contest prep with progress updates, training footage, day in the life vlogs, nutrition tips, recipes, posing and more in my video series and blog!


Going for new all time PR! 3 Rep Max… 475lb Deadlift, we’ll see what happens.


11-hour work day, full day’s meals prepped. Chicken, asparagus, sweet potato, shiritaki noodles, tuna, broccoli, peanut butter & Walden Farms strawberry jam and a container of raspberries.


If you fail, don’t let that stop you. Achieving new accomplishments and goals is not supposed to be easy. Look for the learning opportunities in every mistake or failure, make small adjustments and keep moving forward. Stay positive.


If you’re not achieving your goals, your problem is not that it’s too hard, it’s not that you didn’t have enough time. It’s that you don’t have a strong enough vision. You don’t have a big enough reason WHY you want to accomplish your goal. If you have a big enough vision, a big enough reason, you will find a way to stay committed to your outcome.
Remember the vision. Get the right strategy, or hire someone who can help.

Coaching with me:


(Update on these will come in the next video)
New Macros:
Training Days – 270g carbs, 225g protein, 60g fat
Rest Days – 250g carbs, 225g protein, 60g fat
Refeed Day – 450g carbs, 200g protein, 50g fat


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– Tyler Johnston