Are you ready to make your time asleep the most productive fat burning part of your day by optimizing the most powerful fat burning and lean muscle building hormone in your entire body and literally burn fat in your sleep?
The Hormone?… Growth Hormone!
What’s up gamers – Tyler Johnston here, “The APE Coach” and today I’m taking you through my all-time favourite, fast, 10-Minute gamer bedtime workout that’s going to work your entire body and help catapult your Growth Hormone levels to new heights to burn more fat while you sleep using nothing but a simple resistance band.
So get ready, and let’s get right into this!

Flex Away Body Fat!

There are a ton of benefits to tensing and flexing a muscle – holding what are called isometric contractions…
One of the main benefits, and the one we’re most interested in today is building up a lactic acid response in the muscle causing an increase in metabolic stress on your muscles – one of the 3 primary factors that contribute to muscle hypertrophy (or growth) and fat loss.
We’re going to accomplish exactly that with this resistance band tonight.
The reason doing this before bed is so great for your hormones is because the more lactic acid you can build up before bed, the more HGH you’re going to release while you sleep. So we’re going to create a ton of lactic acid throughout the entire body – which will then trigger an even greater release of natural growth hormone while you sleep.
This will ultimately lead to a higher metabolism, more lean body mass and melting away stubborn body fat in your sleep.
This routine is simple to do wherever you are, at home, in a hotel or on a trip somewhere, even without a gym and it only takes 10 minutes so there’s no excuses!

10- Minute Fat Burning Home Workout For Gamers:

This workout consists of 6 exercises:

Exercise #1: Overhead Presses

Exercise #2: Lateral Raises

Exercise #3: Bicep Curls

Exercise #4: Tricep Extensions

Exercise #5: Chest Flyes

Exercise #6: Wall Sit

You’re going to perform all 6 of these exercises for 60 seconds on the first round – in circuit fashion – resting as little as possible between exercises – we really want to get a pump and feel that burn, that’s the lactic acid buildup in the muscle.
Once you finish all 6 exercises take a 1 minute rest to catch your breath and sip some water.
Then repeat the whole circuit for a second round, this time performing each exercise for 30 seconds – – and that’s it!

The Bottom Line to Burn Fat In Your Sleep

I promise you, if you perform this simple 10 minute routine before bed, you’ll sleep like a baby, burn a ton more fat and jack up your HGH levels because of that extra lactic acid build up and metabolic stress in the muscles
This a great way to get more defined throughout your entire body, boost your metabolism and get healthier overall.
Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments below!
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Train hard – game hard – and I’ll see you in the next one!
– Tyler Johnston “TheAPEcoach”
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