Easily Build a Bigger Thicker Chest With 2 Form Corrects (Fix This!)

The chest is one of the most popular muscle groups to train for guys, and with good reason. Having a big, thick chest gives you a more powerful, attractive and dominant look. However most guys make a couple critical, easy-to-fix mistakes that completely kills their chest gains.

If you want to learn 2 easy ways you can significantly improve your chest gains to take your pecs from deflated and flat to broad chiseled slabs, for a bigger thicker chest you need to read this article…

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Heavy Press For a Big Chest

Most guys know the key to building a big chest is performing a lot of heavy presses with barbells and dumbbells on either a flat, incline or decline bench, and this is true. These big compound movements are one of the best ways to maximize muscle stimulation and achieve overload.

The issue with this however is that because these are compound movements, they involve more than just the pecs. Your anterior delts (front head of shoulders) and triceps also get recruited during these exercises.

The two mistakes people make aren’t with the exercise selection itself, but instead in how the exercises are performed.

2 Form Corrects For Big Pecs

If you’ve been training chest with high intensity and focus on progressing each week and your chest still isn’t growing as much as you want it to, there’s a likely chance your front delts and triceps are actually taking over the bulk of the work on your chest excersises and limiting activation and recruitment of the pecs.

This results in your chest getting less total stimulation for muscle growth and consequently you’re left with an underdeveloped chest.

So here’s 2 simple form corrects you can instantly apply to your lifts to increase the amount of stress specifically on your pecs for faster, better gains to build that bigger, thicker chest.

1) Retract Your Scap!

By retracting your scapula (aka pulling your shoulder blades back and pinching them together) as you press the weight, this reduces the involvement of your front delts and shifts more of the emphasis to your pecs; exactly where you want it to build that bigger chest!

2) Press With Your Elbows

When most guys press, they think about pressing with their hands and simply shoving them away from their body; this is wrong.

Rather than just going through the motion and trying to move the weight from point A to point B, focus on the purpose of the exercise for creating tension and stress on your pecs.

The function of your pectorals is horizontal adduction, which means moving your upper arms across the front of your body. So in order to create maximum tension on the pecs we need to be moving weight against this specific function.

So rather than just thinking about shoving your hands straight out in front of you, focus on pressing with your elbows and moving your upper arms in an arching motion across the front of your body as your press, as if you were trying to drive the elbows together at the top. This will allow you to feel more of a squeeze in the chest and maximize activation.

Also by focusing on this driving of the elbows and squeezing of the chest as you press, you’ll be able to reduce amount that your triceps and delts engage and take over during the exercise.

The Bottom Line on Building a Bigger, Thicker Chest

The bottom line on building a bigger, thicker chest is that you can’t just go around pushing and pressing weights. You need to ensure you’re performing the exercise to maximize the recruitment of your pecs and minimize the involvement of other muscle groups such as the deltoids and triceps that can take away some of the load on your chest.

To recap the 2 form corrects:

  1. Retract Your Scap! – Pull your shoulder blades back and keep them back as your pressing so that you’re activating your chest, not just your front delts.
  2. Press With Your Elbows – Don’t just think of shoving your hands out in front of you, think about pressing with your elbows and bringing them in an arch in front of your body aiming to drive them together. This squeezing motion will give you better activation in your pecs and reduce the amount your triceps and delts take over the movement.

Use these 2 simple form corrects whenever you’re training chest and you’ll instantly feel the difference in your pecs and be well on your way to building that bigger, thicker chest!

– Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach”

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