The Best Exercise for Bigger Biceps

Training Biceps effectively seems relatively straightforward, and for the most part it is. However if you’re looking to stimulate the greatest amount of muscle and build those impressive, sleeve splitting biceps as fast as possible, traditional barbell and dumbbell curls are putting you at a disadvantage.

If you always believed the fastest way to bigger biceps is heavy barbell and dumbbell curls, you might be surprised that neither of these are the best exercise for bigger biceps and you need to read this article to find out what is…

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Small Tweaks for Bigger Peaks

Don’t get me wrong, free weight dumbbell and barbell curls are still good exercises overall and will still stimulate your biceps for growth, but they pose one major disadvantage.

Employing the proper tweaks to your form on your biceps curls and exercise selection can give you that shortcut to size you’ve been looking for, so next time the sun comes out, you’re pulling the big guns out!

So what am I talking about exactly here?

Why Barbell Curls and Dumbbell Curls Aren’t Best

The reason free weight curls with barbells and dumbbells aren’t the best exercise selection for maximal muscle stimulation for bigger biceps is due to the circular motion of the exercise.

Gravity lling the weight in a straight line down toward the ground. As a result, your biceps will only be subject to a high degree of stress in the top half range of the motion (from the middle to the top). The biceps then increasingly lose tension as the weight is lowered below the halfway point to the bottom position where there is almost no tension on the biceps whatsoever.

The Best Exercise for Bigger Biceps

If barbell curls and dumbbell curls aren’t the answer, then what is the best exercise for bigger biceps?

To create an optimal resistance curve that keeps your biceps under non-stop stress throughout the entire range of motion you’ll want to opt for cables instead of free weights. The best exercise for bigger biceps is actually standing, single arm cable curls.

Standing Single-Arm Cable Curls

When executed properly, standing single-arm cable curls are the best exercise for maximizing muscle stimulation in the biceps and keeping constant tension directly on the biceps through the full range of motion from the bottom all the way to the top.

To perform this exercise properly follow these steps:

  1. Place the pulley at the bottom of the cable machine and attach a single-hand attachment
  2. Stand facing away from the machine, grab the handle, take a small step forward so that the resistance is pulling slightly back on your arm at the bottom starting position.
  3. Keep shoulder down and back, keep elbow tucked at your side and curl the weight upward.
  4. Don’t allow your shoulder or elbow to drift forward as your lift the cable apart from some very slight movement.
  5. Feel a strong contraction in the biceps, pausing briefly and squeezing at the top, then lower the weight back down in the same path under control, maintaining tension on the biceps.


To recap, barbell curls and dumbbell curls are okay biceps exercises to include in your overall training routine, but in order to get the most muscle building stimulation in the biceps, the single-arm cable curl is the single best exercise add to your arm size!

Try it out in your next workout and let me know how it goes… You should feel the difference!

– Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach”

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