Why Your Arm Growth Is Lacking (Do This To Build Big Arms Faster)

A set of big arms is one of the most sought after features guys strive for when attempting to build an aesthetic, muscular physique. The classic photos of Arnold hitting a double biceps pose stirs up the desire and motivation to sculpt some massive biceps peaks, however the way most guys go about their arm training isn’t the most effective for building those big arms their after. This is likely the reason your arm growth is lacking as well.

So if you really want to add some serious size to your arms and want to know what you can do to build big arms faster, you need to read this article…

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Why Your Arm Growth Is Lacking

As I mentioned earlier, the way most guys train their arms isn’t the most effective for building the big arms you’re after. When most guys think of big arms they think of big biceps, and focus the majority of their arm training on biceps. The issue with this though is that your biceps only make up about ⅓ of your total upper arm size, which means your triceps make up the other ⅔.

So if you want to start getting some serious gains in arm size, you need to start focusing more on your triceps as they will contribute to most to your total upper arm muscle mass and size.

Triceps Breakdown

The triceps are made up of 3 heads: the long head (Upper, inner head), the medial head (lower, inner head) and the lateral head (the outer head).

The long head is generally the easiest to target as you can stimulate it with any type of overhead extension. The medial head is heavily stimulated during narrow grip presses, dips and most compound pressing exercises such as when you’re training chest.

For most trainees the head that poses the biggest challenge to recruit and develop is the outer lateral head, which can really add to your overall arm size and create more of that full 3D effect for your arms.

So, in addition to placing greater focus on training your triceps, getting more direct stimulus and recruitment of the hard-to-develop lateral head will do a lot to help you build big arms faster than ever before.

One Exercise To Build Big Arms Faster

Most triceps exercises involve simply pushing or pressing resistance in a straight up and down motion. Although a lot of these exercises can be great for getting good overall contractions in your triceps, they’re not ideal for stimulating that lateral head.

So you still want to include those bigger compound movements and traditional triceps exercises for continued development of your long and medial heads, but to hit that lateral head more effectively, add in this exercise.

Spread Rope Pushdowns

Grab a rope attachment and set up for a regular rope pushdown, however instead of just pressing the rope straight up and down, you’ll want to spread the rope apart, pressing your arms away from each other as you push the rope downward.

Adding this spreading motion to the bottom of your press down will help isolate the lateral head and improve recruitment to stimulate more muscle growth.

It may take some practice to really feel it out and get that “mind-muscle-connection” to feel the lateral head of the triceps working but once you get it, you’ll really start to notice the difference this little tweak makes.

The Bottom Line on Building Big Arms Faster

The bottom line is that most guys are simply focusing on the wrong muscles when training their arms. If you really want to increase your muscle mass in your arms, you want to focus on your triceps.

Additionally, by working in the spread rope press exercise, you can more effectively target the hard-to-recruit lateral head of your triceps to improve overall muscle development of the triceps and create more of that full 3D effect in your arms.
So put some more focus to really training your triceps effectively and add the spread rope press to your next arm workout; pretty soon, you’ll start to see a lot more gains in those arms to help turn those pipe cleaners into full-blown, bursting pipes!

– Tyler Johnston “The APE Coach”

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