If you really want abs worthy of a God or your favourite game character, you’ve got to train them properly to work every area and function of the abs.
What’s up gamers – Tyler Johnston here, “The APE Coach” and today I’m going to run you through a complete ab workout for gamers to get you ripped up abs like the God of War himself, Kratos!
Ready to get ripped?
Let’s get right to it!

God of War “Kratos” Ab Workout:

For this workout, you will perform 5 Exercises in circuit fashion
You will perform each exercise for 45secs with 15secs rest before next exercise begins, moving through all 5 exercises without any additional rest between exercises.
The abs are one of the quickest recovering muscles in the body – so they require a lot more metabolic stress and volume to really fatigue them.
Additionally, these intervals of high intensity work and short incomplete rest periods compound on top of each other creating a greater oxygen debt during the workout.
This results in higher EPOC or Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption response
 That means this will crank up your metabolism to burn more belly fat for up to 38 hours after you finish this workout and help reveal those ripped Kratos abs even while you rest!
After you’ve completed all 5 exercises, that’s the end of round 1 – take 2 mins to rest and repeat for 3 Total Rounds for a 15 Minute Ab Shredding workout worthy of the God of War
Exercise #1: Leg Raises – These will really work the lower abs and help give you those v-cut abs like you see on brad pit in fight club.
Exercise #2: V-Ups – V-Ups work the upper and lower abs together to really hit your entire core top to bottom.
Exercise #3: Alternate Toe Touches – These are going to engage the obliques and work your rotational trunk flexion that your abs are designed to function in and most people neglect
Exercise #4: Frog Crunches – These are a great exercise for hitting the upper abs – and developing the v-cut as the open hips allow to you really crunch your abs from ribs to pelvis
Exercise #5: Side Planks – Finally finish off with a great exercise for bracing the core and working the deep stabilizer core muscles beneath your abdominal wall and blast those obliques one more time to finish everything off – hold for half the time on one side then switch sides
And that’s a wrap!

Bottom Line on Getting Kratos Ripped Abs For Gamers

Perform this workout 2-3 times a week and you’ll have those ripped up blocky abs like Kratos in no time!
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Train hard – game hard – and I’ll see you in the next one!
– Tyler Johnston “TheAPEcoach”
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