Tired of slaving away for months on end to build a few measly ounces of muscle? Or fed up with constantly getting stuck at muscle building and strength plateaus? You’re in luck, I’ve got 4 muscle building hacks for gamers to make faster muscle gains and they are easier than you may think…
What’s up gamers – Tyler Johnston here “The APE coach” and today I’m going to share 4 Muscle Building Hacks you can start using today to start making faster, more noticeable gains in muscle size and strength!
Let’s get it started!

Muscle Building Hack #1: Disproportionate Training

Too often guys will go to the gym and only work those showy muscles without proportionately training opposing muscle groups and evenly building up the body.
You’ll go and hammer 10 sets of chest exercises and then only do 3 or 4 for the back – Not only is this going to lead to strength imbalances that could lead to injuries or poor posture but it’s not going to challenge the body enough to stimulate real growth to put on any noticeable mass.
So you want to train things proportionately and make sure you’re working your hamstrings just as much as your quads for example, your triceps and your biceps and I would suggest even increasing those weaker areas or less showy muscles if you’ve been neglecting them for the past while training.
If you want faster gains – start training the whole body

Muscle Building Hack #2: Water + Glycogen

When you consume carbs, initially it gets stored in your muscles as glycogen and that’s what fuels your intense exercise and energizes you throughout the workout.
Having a high quality carb source with your pre-workout meal is going to keep your muscle glycogen fully loaded and your strength and energy will be way higher – producing much better performance and overall results.
Additionally, being dehydrated weakens and flattens your muscles – your muscles are about 70% water so without adequate hydration you’re not going to get quality contractions, you won’t feel energized and your total performance will suffer.
To maximize strength and muscle building results you need to stay fully hydrated – I suggest drinking 3-4L of water a day or 1 gallon minimum.

Muscle Building Hack #3: Creatine

Creatine is the most research backed supplement in the industry – it’s a natural compound found in some meats and fish in small amounts.
Supplementing with creatine will improve your body’s efficiency of using ATP – the energy our muscles use to contract – this will then drive up your strength and performance allowing you to lift heavier weights for more reps which means better progressive overload and more rock-solid lean muscle mass.
This is probably the best supplement a gamer or naturally skinny guy could take to help speed up strength and muscle gains.

Muscle Building Hack #4: Better Sleep

I know as a gamer – sleep often takes a back seat to intense raids, clan battles, grinding for xp or racking up your KDR…
But the simple fact is when you work out, you’re breaking down your muscle, releasing cortisol in the body and placing your muscles in a catabolic state.
When you sleep is when your body goes to work repairing and rebuilding your muscles bigger and stronger.
Without adequate rest and recovery – you’re never going to get the strength and lean muscle gains you’re after.
I’d recommend aiming for at least 7 hours each night for the best muscle building results. So set up a sleep schedule – just like the best twitch streams do for gaming and stick to it, if you really want to speed up those gains.
And that’s it!

Bottom Line on Faster Muscle Gains for Gamers

Apply these 4 killer muscle building hacks and you’ll be making faster muscle gains than you ever dreamed possible!
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Train hard – game hard – and I’ll see you in the next one!
– Tyler Johnston “TheAPEcoach”
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