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I’m sure this has already been made quite clear, but with “IIFYM” or “Flexible Dieting”, however you prefer to call it, you can enjoy a much greater variety of foods.


Again, as long as you are getting your daily fibre requirements (approx. 35g/day for men, and 28g/day for women), and following the 80/20 principle with nutrient dense foods, all foods are fair game.


If you love pizza? you can have a few slices here and there. You love chocolate doughnuts? have one every so often. Going out on a date and don’t want to look like the man wearing the skirt, ordering a salad and water while your girl enjoys the sirloin? Choose something on the menu that fits your macros and keep your head high.


Needless to say, with flexible dieting, the increased flexibility and freedom allows you to have a much greater variety of foods in your diet. This helps keep your sanity in tact as well as prevents undernourishment in individual nutrients which can occur with too narrow or strict a meal plan/ food list.


Again, with clean eating, you generally have strict rules along with a restrictive list of “super foods”, “magic foods”, “clean foods”, whatever they want to call it, that must be stuck too. This leaves very little room for variety apart from the occasional “You may have peanut butter instead of almond butter on every 3rd Friday”. I’m only slightly exaggerating here, but you get the picture.


Remember, variety is the spice of life!




#IIFYMFTW (If It Fits Your Macros For The Win!)


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– Tyler Johnston

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